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Book Description

Humans face an existential crisis. Future generations will judge us by whether we invested in colonising Mars - where there is no water, atmosphere, or life - or invested in saving our own planet.

Our oceans are the single most important natural force on this planet - the invisible hand behind the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the moderate weather we enjoy. However, the past three generation of leaders have presided over the decline of our oceans - whether by omission or commission. Their cumulative efforts have not been equal to the forces acting against the oceans. We are perilously close to crossing planetary tipping points beyond which there may be no turning back, and face the stark choice between a living ocean or a dead one.

In this groundbreaking work, global visionaries Gregory Stone and Nishan Degnarain set out not just how grave the problems facing our oceans are - but how solvable they can be.

Weaving history, ecology, business and geopolitics together and leveraging their experience in oceans and some of the innovation hotspots from around the world, they reveal the revolutionary tools and business models that could unleash trillions of dollars of new sustainable economic opportunities. Fourth industrial revolution technologies and exponential organisations, combined with fresh leadership and values from millennials, could create radically new solutions that were inconceivable only a few years ago.

The Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm is at once a manifesto for a healthier ocean, a roadmap to a more prosperous co-existence with our planet, and a call for a new generation of systems leaders. The lessons here are not just for our oceans but guidance for how we can govern all our Global Commons for the benefit of the entire planet, both current and future generations.

For the first time, the authors lay out clearly and succinctly what actions business, Government and individuals can take to overcome these planetary challenges, restoring the Soul of the Sea, and redeeming our own.