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Praise for Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm

“Planet Earth is misnamed: it’s mostly not covered by earth but by the oceans. They play a key role in regulating the composition and temperature of our atmosphere. They provide much of the protein that we consume. Until recently, they seemed far too big for us puny humans to affect – but we are finally ruining them, and thereby risk the ruin of ourselves. This book, by two of the world’s leading ocean experts, will grip you with its bold account of how we can solve that huge problem.”

-Dr. Jared Diamond, Professor of Geography at UCLA, is the Pulitzer-Prize-winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel.

What our customers are saying

“While the state of the ocean is on the verge of many destructive tipping points, the world is also on the verge of a new era where the remarkable intelligence of humans and technology can be used not just to understand the ocean, but to restore it. If this is important to you, read Soul of the Sea - it offers a view of how we got into the problems we’re facing and more importantly, how we solve them. It's a relatively short read full of interesting facts based on a sustainable vision for our collective future.”

-Céline Cousteau, CauseCentric Productions & The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship

What our customers are saying

"Our planet has so much to offer if only we take care of it. Soul of the Sea in the Age of the Algorithm is an optimist's guide to where solutions may lie - with our youth, with technology, and with business coming together to identify and implement sustainable solutions.”

-Harrison Ford, Actor and Vice Chair, Conservation International

What our customers are saying

“The stressed state of our ocean is a collision between natural systems and ever growing human economies, so an oceanographer and economist tackling this subject is a timely and refreshing approach. Their book takes us through the causes and consequences of that collision, but then points to solutions that we can use now to save our seas and ourselves.”

-Dr. Laurence Madin, Deputy Director, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

What our customers are saying

“Soul of the Sea should be on the desks of government heads, business leaders and concerned citizens. It is an accessible, succinct read with a pithy ocean manifesto. Stone and Degnarain's narrative takes you through the history of our relationship with the sea, the value of the sea, the damage we have done, and then provides a comprehensive overview of the solution that we desperately need and that include agile governance, technologies, and protection.”

-Dr. Russell Mittermeier, Executive Vice Chair, Conservation International